Silicon wristbands are made of 100% silicon, which is an Eco-Friendly Material.
You can customize the wristband with your favorite LOGO or design for your special party, event, promotion etc.
Various styles for your Choice:
Normal size: 202 x 12 x 2mm, 180 x 12 x 2mm, 160 x 12 x 2mm, 202 x 20 x 2nnm, 202 x 25 x 2mm. (Any size and shape are workable on depends on your request.)
LOGO and design: Debossed, Debossed color filled, Printed, Embossed, Embossed printed
Color: Single color, Multi-color, Swirl(Marble) color, Sprayed color, with glitter, with glowing in the dark, with UV

Plain wristbands are without any logo and letters on the wristband’s surface.

Debossed wristbands are a highly popular style of custom wristband. Debossed wristbands are created from a custom mould provide a deep cut effect of your personalized message on your custom debossed wristbands. Debossed wristbands are with the logo and letters recessed.

Debossed color filled wristband are simply debossed wristbands with another ink color filled in the logo and letters. Debossed color filled wristband will let your message and logo stand out

Printed wristbands with your logo and message to be printed on the top of the wristbands directly, the custom message is smoothly printed on the top layer of the custom wristband to create a clean and sleek message or image of your logo.

Embossed wristband are created from a custom mould provide a raised logo and letters effect of your personalized message on your custom embossed wristbands. Embossed is the same effect as you would see on a credit card.

Embossed printed wristbands are embossed wristbands with another ink printed on the top of the raised logo or letters, which will let your logo and message stand out.

Multi- color wristbands are made up of any two or three colors and divided within the wristbands.

Swirl (Marble) wristbands are made up of any colors and blended together to create an unique approach.

Sprayed color wristbands are with another color sprayed on the wristbands, so the outside and inside are in different colors.

Wristbands with glitter are with gold glitter or silver glitter inside the wristband, it is very shiny.

Glowing in the dark wristband are translucent colors that glow when placed in the dark after absorbing sunlight or lamp light. The glow light could be in green, blue etc., The lighter the wristband color is, the better glowing effect will be. The wristbands will last glowing after absorbing the light again. The glowing in the dark wristbands are the best choice for the parties or events in the night.

UV wristbands are special one among the wristbands. The UV wristbands change the transparent band to be purple under sunshine. The stronger the sunlight is, the darker the wristband color will be.

20mm and 25mm width wristband are also very popular. It could be made in all styles: Plain, Debossed, Debossed with color filled, Printed, Embossed, Embossed with color printed, with glitter, with glowing in the dark, with UV etc.,

Any size and figured shape can be made besides the standard round shape. Just tell or show us what size and shape you need, we will do it for you.

Silicon watches are perfect for premium gifts; advertise for spot, commercial etc.

There are many silicon items for daily life, for the material Eco-Friendly, the peoples love them very much, and if you have any idea or concept for the item you would like to make, we are glad to design and develop it with you together.