Cloisonné (Resin enamel) lapel pin is a jewelry quality effect that is highly polished finish. If you would like a high class item and the budge is sufficient, you can choose the Cloisonné (Resin enamel) process.

Cloisonné(Resin enamel) lapel pin which a mould is engraved according to your design, then your design is stamped on the suitable metal material, and are cut out to the outline of the design shape.

And then fill the colors similar to Cloisonné in the recessed area, you can choose the pantone color you would like to. And there need be a raised metal line between the different colors, the metal lines and colors are burnished & polished, and then they are at the same surface. The following step is do the electroplating, for this type of pin the most common finish are gold, silver, copper, and dark silver.

Cloisonné lapel pins are considered the highest quality lapel pins manufactured, and are the perfect choice for making a bold font, whether for a product marketing campaign, or tradeshow.

Any size and shape are available. Free air shipping within the continental USA.
For the other country, the price is to be quoted individually.
The final price is to be subject to the confirmed artwork finally.